People Power & love have won the day! After Larissa’s BBC7 appearance, the GoingRight website has been closed down and just under 1000  advertising companies have withdrawn from using them meaning they have lost £15 million in revenue. In addition the attempts to persecute members of our campaign have been […]


The Going Right Must Go campaign has gained momentum despite attempts by right wing media, particularly The SunMail to disrupt and undermine our campaign and misrepresent recent events. High profile celebrities such as David Beckham, Oprah Winfrey and Masala Yousafzai have backed out campaign and challenged the ridiculous and false […]

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GoingRight, a far-right media outlet, has gained popular momentum in recent months. Their main donor, Billionaire investor Bobby No-Mercy, also has links to the incumbent Traditionalist Party. GoingRight’s hate movement has started to spread across Europe at a worryingly fast rate. We need to stop them. Loos Cannon, their senior […]